AHB Interrupt Controller

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The PE-INT-AHB is a Programmable Interrupt Controller which adopts AMBA AHB bus. PE-INT-AHB supports two types of interrupt: Fast Interrupt Request and Normal Interrupt Request with vectored control. Specially, it can connect directly to CPU for handling interrupt faster and connect to the other to expand the number of interrupt sources.


Key features

  • Compatible with AMBA AHB Specification (Rev 2.0).
  • Support 2 to 32 normal interrupt sources (IRQ).
  • Support 1 to 8 fast interrupt sources (FIQ).
  • Fixed hardware and Programmable interrupt priority levels.
  • Programmable and Hardware interrupt priority level masking.
  • IRQ and FIQ generation.
  • Software interrupt generator.
  • Interrupt status register.
  • Privileged mode support for restricted access
  • Interrupt controller serial connection, used to connect the other or the same interrupt controller (the other ICTL_AHB or PL190, PL192)


Logic Memory Fmax DSP
EP2C35F672C6 1796 (LEs) 0 147 MHz 0
EP3C40F780C6 1748 (LEs) 0 155 MHz 0
EP3SE50F780C2 1147 (ALUTs) 0 275 MHz 0


  • RTL Code
  • Verification (Source code)
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