32 bit RISC VN1632LP

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The MP-VN1632LP is a high-performance and low-power 32-bit microprocessor. The applications range from low-power handsets to high-performance embedded devices.

The MP-VN1632LP is based on a high-performance technology – the superscalar. It is a multi-issue, 6-stage Out-of-Order (OoO) architecture. The MP-VN1632LP can operate at high performance 450 DMIPS in 130nm technology at 300MHz (worst case slow corner conditions with production margins). The MP-VN1632LP is fully-synthesizable IP that achieves high frequencies using commercially-available, non-custom, standard cells and memories. The MP-VN1632LP enables flexibility in configuration for specific features, and the ability to migrate your design across foundries, process nodes, and geometries.


32 bit RISC VN1632LP

Key features

The MP-VN1632LP has the following major features:

  • 32-bit RISC architecture
  • 65-instruction Instruction Set (Developed by ICDREC)
  • High-performance technology – the superscalar
  • Multi-issue, 6-stage Out-Of-Order
  • Configurable Caches (Instruction Cache, Data Cache, Unified Level Cache)
  • High performance 450 DMIPS in 130nm technology at 300MHz
  • Fully synthesizable
  • Assembly/C Compiler
  • Unix-based Operation System (OS)
  • AMBA Bus interface

Development Environment

  • Assembly Compiler
  • C Compiler
    • Built based on the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
    • Supporting full C library, extendable to other languages (C++, Java, Fortran,…)
  • VN1632 Operation System (OS)
    • Built based on LINUX

Technical Characteristics

  • Process: 0.13um HP (GF)
  • Frequency: 300MHz
  • Performance(DMIPS/MHz): 1.5V
  • Chip size: 28 x 28 x 3.4 mm3.
  • Number of pins: 240
  • Resource (gates): 1,545,275
  • Power consumption: 0.6mW/MHz


  • RTL Code
  • Verification Environment
  • Documentation