32-bit I2S Controller

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The PE-APB is used to connect low speed peripheral in AMBA bus system. This IP also support to configure read-only memory space. The contents of memory are protected from changes.


Key Features

The PE-APB includes the following features:

  • Compliance with the AMBA Specification, Revision 2.0 from ARM.
  • AHB slave

Support for the following:

  • Up to 16 APB slaves
  • 32, 64, 128, and 256-bit AHB data buses
  • 8, 16, and 32-bit APB data buses
  • Single and burst AHB transfers
  • Synchronous hclk/pclk; hclk is an integer multiple of pclk
  • Big- and little-endian AHB systems
  • Little-endian/Big-endian APB slave
  • Read/Write on separate buses
  • Configurable address bus width greater than 1KB and lower than APB bus address range, maximum 32 bit
  • Valid pready detection for APB slave