QCM Device

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QCM device derive from English is Quartz Crystal Microbalance that means quartz crystal micro balance. A key feature of this device is derived from the name of micro balance, mean that measures the volume size is as small as 10-12kg. This finding is a proactive step in the application of QCM device in biosensors, chemical and gas sensor, …

QCM device is the first product was designed by ICDREC, simulated and manufactured entirely in Vietnam. This device is also integrated into the test kit to apply to the detection of E.Coli O157-H7 bacteria. The first result show that the KIT is based on QCM device with the advantages: the result analysis are confirmed quickly, easy to use, low cost, flexibility (small), and be capable of detecting the E.Coli O157-H7 bacteria in the threshold concentration from 102 to 106 CFU / ml.



Key Features

  • Fundamental resonant frequency of 5 MHz.
  • The activities are based on the change frequency of oscillator.
  • The KIT consists of a standard oscillator circuit, a microprocessor (use the VN801 chip). The display section use 16×2 LCD to reduce energy consumption and be able to interface with computer via USB port.
  • KIT is designed to satisfy the kit is a portable, uses AAAx4 (1,5Vx4) pin as battery.
  • In addition to display oscillation frequency corresponding to the amount absorbed on the surface of QCM, KIT is also capable of signaling to absorbing the exceed threshold volume and this threshold can be programmed before by the user
  • KIT can operate independently without controlling computer, be too convenient in applications in remote areas. However, the measurement results can be stored in the memory of KIT and when we need them, we can connect the computer to process data.
  • Designed and manufactured at ICDREC and High-Tech Park in Ho Chi Minh City – SHTP