PIC V1.0 Board

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PIC V1.0 board is the first commercial version of the PIC test board of ICDREC. This version is built based on the actual requirements of research on microchip PIC microcontroller of our center.

With special features compared with other boards on the market the PIC is the PIC V1.0 board is the best choice for their research and study on mid-range PIC such as direct load on board, support for multiple lines (PIC12/16/18), more peripheral from the simple to the complex (single LED, 7 segment LED, LCD, keypad (ext-interrupt), UART, I2C, SD CARD, IDE, USB , Ethernet …). KIT PIC V1.0 can say is best hardware board.


PIC V1.0 Development and Education Board


  • PIC12xxx, PIC16xxx, PIC18xxx
  • 16 single LEDs
  • 4 seven-segment LEDs
  • LCD 16×2
  • 4×4 matrix keypad
  • Port extension
  • Input port enalbe to connect to sensor
  • SD card
  • Realtime clock
  • IDE interface
  • Audio out
  • 1 port ethernet RJ45
  • 1 port USB slave
  • Clock option
  • PWM
  • 8 bit memory extenal
  • ICD2 Connector


  • User manual
  • Datasheet
  • Sample code

KIT Contents

  • PIC V1.0 Board
  • PIC V1.0 CD-ROM
  • Adapter 12VDC
  • Cable Com

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