LDO TH7150

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TH7150 is a analog chip for power managament solutions, operating at low quiescent current (100uA), low voltage supply (1.6-3.6V), with low dropout voltage (200mV), and capable of driving 150mA output current. Its output voltage is programmable by logic control and also manually adjustable. It features protection measures for overhead and monitoring for the output voltage to prevent a dropout greater than 10% of current value. The chip is designed to be fabricated using 0.35um process.



  • Low quiescent current: 100uA
  • Low dropout voltage: 200mV
  • Output current driving: 150mA
  • Programmable by logic control and also manually adjustable
  • Protection measures for overheating and overloading

Technical Characteristics

  • Process: TSMC 0.35um
  • Supply voltage: 1.6-3.6 V
  • Core size: 2.7 x 2.7 mm2
  • Number of pins: 11
  • Package: DIP-28