DDR SDRAM Controller

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DDR_SDR_C operates at a high performance interface to DDR SDRAM memory devices. The local bus interface transfers read and write commands to the controller. Then DDR_SDR_C receives these commands and translates them the command sequences required by DDR SDRAM devices. DDR_SDR_C also operates all initialization, auto-refresh, and power-down, and self-refresh function for the memory devices.

DDR_SDR_C also uses bank management techniques to track the status of four DDR SDRAM banks. Banks are only opened or closed when it’s necessary to minimize accessing delays.

Key Features

  • Interfaces to industry standard DDR SDRAM
  • Programmable burst lengths of 2, 4 or 8
  • Programmable CAS Latency of 2, 2.5 or 3 Cycles
  • Runtime configurable timing parameters (tRAS, tRC, tRFC, tRP, tMRD, tREFC, tWR, CAS Latency)
  • Runtime configurable memory settings (row bits,column Bits)
  • Bank Management Tracker Status of Each Bank of DDR SRAM (up to 4 Banks Tracked)
  • Automatic generation of initialization and refresh sequences
  • Supports auto-precharge commands for optimum random access performance
  • Supports self-refresh and power down modes
  • Support up to 8 chips, each chip is up to 1GBit of memory
  • Supports many standard DDR SDRAM chips and DIMMs

ddrsdraam_phy_730Block Diagram


Frequency Resource
 Stratix II  200 MH  570 ALUTs


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