ARM7 – LH79525 Board

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Our LH79525 Development and Education board is aimed at helping students to access to embedded systems. The board is very low cost and can be used for advanced applications. It has all necessary modules including many typical controllers and industrial standards for ARM embedded developments. It is ready for teaching at universities, colleges and other educational institutes with majors in Electrical and/or Electronics Engineering, Automation Control, Computer Science and the like.


  • CPU NXP LH79525 ARM720T™
  • NOR flash 8MB
  • SDRAM 32MB
  • 8 single LEDs
  • 4 seven-segment LEDs
  • LCD line 20×4
  • LCD TFT 320×240 with Touch panel
  • ADC with temperature sensor
  • MMC/SD card socket
  • IDE connector
  • Audio stereo input/output
  • IrDA
  • USB host/device
  • Ethernet RJ45
  • 4×4 matrix keypad
  • JTAG connector
  • 2 UARTs


  • Datasheet
  • User manual
  • Sample code
  • Linux packages and sample application

KIT Contents

  • LH79525 Board
  • LH7925 CD-ROM
  • Adapter 12VDC
  • Cable Com
  • JTAG programmer

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