Intel begins construction its largest chip assembly and test

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Vietnam has growth rate of 2nd in the world. After investigating carefully, Intel begins construction its largest chip assembly and test factory on 28th March in SaiGon High-Tech Park (SHTP) to mark its 10-year Attendance Anniversary in Vietnam.

The project, capitalized at US$1 billion is planned to complete construction within 18 months. The factory has 460.000m2, employs 4.000 labours. Once full-capacity operation is achieved, the turnover will reach US$ 1,5-2 billions/year.


At the same time, Intel also plans to implement another project in Vietnam with investment capital isn’t less than the first project, around US$ 1 billion, to raise labour force into 8.000 – 10.000. In this 2nd project, Intel will double capital, factory area, labour force… to form its largest factory in Vietnam.

With Intel’s investment, Hochiminh city’s government has shown that their strategy direct to increasing high-value activities and focus on economic development rapidly and solidly because it reflects potentiality of the city that is a center of industry, trade and services.

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