Vietnam makes first 32-bit chip

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Chip VN16-32 based on IBM 0.13 Micron technology is part of an RISC chip design and creation project invested by the Ministry of Science and Technology since 2007.

The chip meets the demand of complex control systems which require high speed, such as mobile phones, telecommunication equipment, data encoders and decoders, and image processors.

ICDREC has integrated the chip in the mini picture frames and product design for DE VN 16-32 experimental KIT in order to serve research and education.

In 2008, ICDREC successfully produced the 8-bit chip VN 8-01 for civil and special circuits, and it is now used for marine control.

In the chip research and development process, ICDREC has trained high quality human resources to serve the country’s chip technology development effort.

The Vietnam National University of HCMC donated the mini picture frames for Le Quy Don Technical University, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the HCMC Department of Science and Technology.

ICDREC is cooperating with Viet Ban Do Company to develop black boxes for cars to monitor car travel and speed.

The university and Saigon Industry Corporation are in talks over a project to build a chip manufacturing factory at a total cost of US$200 million.


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