With over ten years’ experience, ICDREC has built up a wealth of knowledge as a leading center in training and providing human resources for Integrated Circuit industry in Vietnam, which covers the following areas:

  • Digital (front-end; back-end), Analog
  • Semiconductor related technologies
  • IC design and testing – measurement outsourcing services
  • Technology transfer with domestic and foreign companies

Especially in the outsourcing field, our greatest asset is the young skillful engineers with effective communication in English and Japanese. Therefore, we believe that outsourcing is not only what we do best, but at a fraction of cost as well. In addition, we don’t simply want to be service providers for our clients, but rather become something similar to business partners through long-term relationships and excellent service.

​Our IC outsourcing services commitments:

  • Full range of services covering the entire IC design and testing – measurement
  • Good quality work with high performance, increasing productivity
  • Pricing based on established goals and predictable costs
  • An ongoing commitment to add value to our clients’ operations

Our clients are of utmost importance to us and we go above and beyond to make sure we provide them with the best services possible, and we don’t just outsource, we determine what your needs are and provide you with workable solutions that will make your business work more efficiently by focusing all your time, attention and resources on your company’s core competencies to achieve higher goals.

According to Fortune magazine: “Vietnam – with more predictable politics and less corruption, is now one of the largest outsourcing market in Asia. The Vietnamese government has succeeded in retaining a low cost, lower risk market, while significantly improving income, per capita. A series of educational measures and incentives have also been applied to promote the technology sector. In addition, Vietnam is exceptionally attractive due to competitively low salary of the technically skilled workforce. This is what contributed to it surging up the rankings, to take first place in 2015.”